Ship Repair - Crisnavalz

Cooling equipment supply, maintenance and repair

All CRISNAVAL ship repair maintenance of any maker equipment are carried out by our top engineers. It specialize in:
- Maintenance.
- Frequency relay systems.
- Reefer containers.
- Refrigeration systems.
- Cooler/freezer rooms.
- Sub distribution of electrical and electronic boards.

It can also supply with most branches systems no matter if you are in the Straits of Gibraltar elsewhere.

Authorized as installer, maintenance and repair of cooling equipment, air conditioning and heating pump with following enabled activities:

a) Installation of refrigeration equipment containing any fluorinated greenhouse gases charge.
b) Maintenance or checking of applications containing any fluorinated greenhouse gases charge, including supplying the system with fluorinated greenhouse gases as well as recovery of fluorinated gases.
c) Certification of volume of charge of refrigeration systems containing fluorinated gases.
d) Handling of containers of fluorinated grenhouse gas refrigerant.
e) Leakage checking of refrigeration equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1516/2007 of 19 December 2007.

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